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Prime Rated Mens Sun shades

Handcrafted Wooden Sun shades Watches & IPhone 6s Cases By Tmbrwood

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The legendary business investors on that show have been so taken in by the design and conception of Proof wood sun shades that they made multiple presents to be part of their business operation, however the brothers have been confident that they could do better in turning them down! The general design of those Proof wood sun shades are what really make them particular, as they don't precisely comply with the same kind of mould that so many different wooden body sunglasses manufacturers attempt to play together with. If that isn't a ringing endorsement for just how extremely snug that these sun shades are, who knows what could be!

Certain, they have various retro-inspired wood sunglasses frames as nicely, just like the wood wayfarer sunglasses , however a lot of their extra widespread options are wild, funky, and off-the-wall creations that they helped to design all on their own with no outdoors affect whatsoever. Whether it's zebrawood, walnut, duwood, or bamboo, we use only use stunning sourced wood for our eyewear.

Because the brothers behind Proof wood sun shades spend their entire lives growing up around the wood enterprise, it should come as no surprise to anyone that their sunglasses are so completely effectively designed and of such prime quality proper out of the field. The whole lot suits exactly because it ought to, all of the wooden materials are of the very best caliber, and the craftsmanship that goes into producing these Proof wooden sun shades is second to none.

To make sure the lengthy lifetime of your eyes, we fit all of our sun shades with UV400 polarized lenses. Thank you for visiting Our mission is to allow individualism, and we really feel that wood eyewear can do just that. Wood Stock cares for its customers Buy wood sunglasses , so all our eyewear is equpied with Carl Zeiss lenses, who has a long custom as one of the best lens manufacturer in the world.